BME 20x/30x/40x: Biomedical Engineering Design

Experiential learning by connecting design groups with clients from the university and community at-large.
Current BME Design Projects

BME 535: Introduction to Energy-Tissue Interactions

Explore biophysical interactions of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical energies with the human body. Particular emphasis will be given to therapeutic devices. A primer of the relevant physics will be provided for each topic, then interactions with living cells and biological tissues will be explored. Students will investigate medical applications in an area of their own interest and contribute to peer learning objectives.
(Next offering: Fall 2014)

Biology 660: Research Mentor Training Practicum

The Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning and the School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) have partnered to offer a special section of Research Mentor Training for graduate student and post doc mentors in SMPH. Research Mentor Training is designed to help graduate students and post-docs become effective research mentors. Seminar discussions focus on different mentoring styles and strategies for developing confidence, independence, creativity, and communication skills in your current or future mentees. The mentor training seminar consists of eight weekly 75-minute sessions in which participants address issues in mentoring through facilitated discussions based on collaboration and collective problem solving. Participants will read articles and case studies, write biographies of their mentees, compare their goals with those of their mentees, explore time-management strategies, and write mentoring philosophies. Rather than adding to the time you will spend mentoring, this seminar is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your mentoring.