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Electromagnetics applications in medicine with a focus on clinical translation.

Our current research focuses on developing microwave ablation devices and techniques, building numerical tissue models for multiphysics simulation, optimizing devices with computational assistance, and improving imaging feedback for minimally invasive therapies. We are integrated with the clinical interventional oncology program to ensure clinical impact.

Our group comprises researchers from many disciplines. We welcome individuals of any race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, or disability status.

Latest Publications (All Publications)

An analysis of open-ended coaxial probe sensitivity to heterogeneous media

Brace CL, Etoz S.
Sensors; 20:5372, 2020. PDF

CT and MR imaging surveillance of stage 1 renal cell carcinoma after microwave ablation

Wetley KA, Abel JE, Dreyfuss LD, Huang W, Brace CL, Wells SA.
Abdom Imag; in press, 2020. PDF

Radiofrequency and microwave ablation in the liver: CT and ultrasound radiologic-pathologic correlation

Ziemlewicz TJ, Hinshaw JL, Lubner MG, Knott EA, Willey BJ, Lee FT Jr, Brace CL.
Int J Hyperthermia; 37:799-807, 2020. PDF

Heating technology for malignant tumors: a review

Kok HP, Cressman ENK, Ceelen WP, Brace CL, Ivkov R, Grüll H, ter Haar G, Wust P, Crezee H.
Int J Hyperthermia; 37:711-741, 2020. PDF

Microwave ablation of the liver in a live porcine model: The impact of power, time and total energy on ablation zone size and shape

Hui T, Brace CL, Hinshaw JL, Quek LHH, Huang KH, Kwan J, Lim GHT, Lee FT Jr, Pua U.
Int J Hyperthermia; 37:668-676, 2020. PDF

Current Projects

Ablation Tools

Design, fabrication and testing of microwave ablation devices and other tools for image-guided procedures.

Computational Methods

Simulation of electromagnetics, heat transfer, mass transfer and mechanical deformation; development of numerical models; and optimization techniques for computer-assisted design.

Imaging and Procedures

CT, ultrasound, MRI and optical techniques for preclinical and clinical evaluation.