Electromagnetics applications in medicine with a focus on clinical translation.

Our current research focuses on developing microwave ablation devices and techniques, building numerical tissue models for multiphysics simulation, optimizing devices with computational assistance, and improving imaging feedback for minimally invasive therapies. We work with the UW-Madison interventional oncology program to promote clinical impact.

Our group comprises researchers from many disciplines. We welcome individuals of any race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, or ability.

Latest Publications (All Publications)

Quantitative digital subtraction venography for venous interventions: Validation in phantom and in vivo porcine models

Periyasamy S, Oberstar EL, Whitehead JF, Kutlu AZ; Pieper AA, Hoffman CA, Li G, Brace CL, Speidel MA, Laeseke PF
J Vasc Interv Radiol; :in press, 2024.

Microwave ablation of the porcine growth plate: A method for minimally invasive epiphysiodesis

Noonan S, Miller K, Goldstein S, Leiferman E, White J, Noonan K, Brace CL.
Clin Orthop Relat Res; :in press, 2024. PDF

A hybrid deformable registration method to generate motion-compensated 3D virtual MRI for fusion with interventional real-time 3D ultrasound

Mitra J, BhushanC, Ghose S, Mills D, Patel A, Tarasek M, Foo T, Wells S, Jupitz S, Bednarz B, Brace C, Holmes J, Yeo D.
Int J Comp Assist Surg; 18:1509-1509, 2023. PDF

MWA performed at 5.8 GHz through ‘side firing’ approach: An exploratory study

Bottiglieri A, Brace C, O’Halloran M, Farina L
Sensors (Basel); 22:9320, 2022. | PubMed Central | PDF

A C-arm photon counting CT prototype with volumetric coverage using multi-sweep step-and-shoot acquisitions

Treb K, Ji X, Feng M, Zhang R, Periyasamy S, Laeseke PF, Dingle AM, Brace CL, Li K.
Phys Med Biol; 67:215003, 2022. | PubMed Central | PDF

Current Projects

Ablation Tools

Design, fabrication and testing of microwave ablation devices and other tools for image-guided procedures.

Computational Methods

Simulation of electromagnetics, heat transfer, mass transfer and mechanical deformation; development of numerical models; and optimization techniques for computer-assisted design.

Imaging and Procedures

CT, ultrasound, MRI and optical techniques for preclinical and clinical evaluation.